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1.Taking a Grand Canyon tour is the best way to experience the National Park. Trips are plentiful, but the most popular are helicopter, airplane, bus and raft.

These kinds of adventures depart from Las Vegas, NV, and Grand Canyon, AZ. Las Vegas tours go to the West Rim and South Rim, while trips originating in Arizona service the South Rim. There are no air or ground tours between the rims.

Las Vegas travelers need to determine which rim they want to visit. If you want thrills and adventure, do the West Rim. For natural scenic beauty, do the South Rim. Lots of folks want to do both, but, as of this writing, there are no such day trips.

Tours are all-inclusive (except for air-only flights) and come with free hotel pick up/drop off, lunch and professional guide service. My only advice here is to dress appropriately for weather (summer is hot, winters are cold) and bring water, a hat and sunglasses.

Of course, the opinions expressed here are mine and are based on my experiences. You are free to do what you want with them. My only request is that you at least give Papillon Helicopters, Paradise Found Bus Tours and Papillon Airways a look as you consider your tour options. In that way, I know you'll have covered all your bases.

Have a great trip!


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Papillon Helicopters


Best Helicopter Tours

Papillon Helicopters (My #1 Recommendation)

Las Vegas travelers go to the West Rim, which is the only place where you can land at the bottom. Those leaving from Grand Canyon National Park Airport will do the South Rim.

The quality and safety of Papillon's flights are unparalleled. Their helicopter fleet is comprised of some the newest aircraft in the industry, including the EcoStar 130.

Papillon's prices are the cheapest. This is because they are the Grand Canyon's largest sightseeing company and are able to leverage economies of scale. They also have the best cancellation policy.

If you are looking for superior quality helicopter tours at affordabel prices, Papillon's the company for you.

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Papillon Airways


Best Airplane Tours

Papillon Airways (My #1 Recommendation)

If you're shopping based on price & value, go Papillon. Nobody comes close to online rates.

The company flies from Las Vegas, NV, and Tusayan, AZ. Tours go daily, 365 days a year, including all major U.S. holidays.

TLas Vegas travelers get to pick between West Rim and South Rim flights while Tusayan travelers explore the South Rim.

Customer service is excellent, as is the 24-hour cancellation policy. The only downside is that Papillon sells outs. Go here for alternatives.

Click Here for Papillon's Prices & Availability


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Paradise Found Tours


Best Bus Tours

Paradise Found Tours (My #1 Recommendation)

Bus tours are the most economical way to see the Grand Canyon. And the low-price leader is Paradise Found.

Paradise has kept the lid on prices for years while offering a selection of trips that go from Las Vegas to the West Rim and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Paradise tours are all-inclusive and come with free hotel pick up/drop off, lunch and professional guide service. The only thing you need to do is request a wake-up call.

There are lots of bus tour companies out there. But there's only one that does the canyon like Paradise Found.

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Papillon Rafting Tours


Best Float Tours

Papillon Water Rafting (My #1 Recommendation)

Looking for a Grand Canyon rafting day trip that doesn't come with whitewater rapids? Try a smooth-water float tour.

These trips are available from Las Vegas, NV, and Grand Canyon South Rim, AZ, with starting points begining at the base of Hoover Dam and Glen Canyon Dam, respectively.

The Vegas trip includes a helicopter ride to the bottom of the canyon. South Rim trips range from basic (bus transportation) to deluxe (airplane and Jeep 4x4 tour).

No rapids means these rafting tours can be done by kids as young as four years of age. Tour is also great for active seniors and couples. And remember to bring swim trunks -- nothing beats a dip in the Colorado River!

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